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Sophie Higgins DipCNM, mNNA

I am a registered nutritional therapist and yoga instructor, practising and teaching in London and Brighton.

I take a fully holistic, individualised, and person-centred approach to nutritional therapy, and use the Functional Medicine model to investigate and pinpoint key areas of potential focus. Health and well-being plans are bespoke and carefully tailored to your specific goals and requirements, with all recommendations being practical and achievable, enabling you to take full control of your diet, health and lifestyle.

I will work with you on this holistic journey of discovery, to help you get to the root cause of any underlying health issues you may have, aiming to nourish, re-balance, and restore functionality, healing the body naturally from the inside out.

My Story

I was always interested in health and well-being from a very early age, taking up ballet and other forms of dance up until the age of 16. After an injury prevented me from taking my dancing any further, I decided to move to London to study Law at university – what a change of direction! I slowly began to develop an unhealthy relationship with food and my digestive system was all over the place.

Once uni had finished I took up a career in the City, which only added to my worsening digestive issues. Work was stressful and tiring, and when I wasn’t at work I was usually socialising and partying with friends. I knew my lifestyle was suffering and I was constantly trying to find some peace and balance, but found it impossible. I did have one saviour throughout this time however – yoga, which was rapidly developing into more than just a fitness regime. I was exercising hard during this time, and because I was so stressed, I was not taking the time to look after myself, exercise safely, or recover efficiently. Even though I truly believe that finding a work/life balance is possible, after 4 years of the city life, I decided it just wasn’t for me, and left my job to embark on a yoga teacher training course.

After this amazing, nurturing experience, I began to feel some balance coming back into my life – finally, so what could be a better time for sorting this sluggish digestion once and for all! I went to see a nutritional therapist and it changed my life. My digestion began to function properly, I began sleeping better, had increased energy levels, was able to concentrate for longer, my skin was no longer dull and tired looking, and my mood changed completely. I was no longer getting angry or frustrated at the drop of a hat – I had a new zest for life! So I decided this is what I needed to be doing! I began a three-year diploma in Nutritional Therapy, and have never looked back…

Registration and Membership

I am registered with the following, representative bodies and abide by their strict code of ethics.