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6 11 2018

The Easiest Banana Bread Recipe

Because who doesn’t love a delicious, guilt-free, melt-in-the-mouth, cakey, bready, breakfast-time treat or afternoon snack..??

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30 10 2018

Share The Love

The start-ups, organisations, and charities, that are taking charge and leading the front line in sharing, caring, and promoting all-round loveliness

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29 5 2018

Mushroom and bean burgers with sweet potato fries

Inexpensive, hassle-free, and full of flavour - the perfect summertime burger recipe

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24 4 2018

Food For Mood

Mood-boosting, happiness-inducing, vitality-enhancing, all round superstar foods...

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23 3 2018

Out with the old and in with the new - easy ways to put the spring back into your diet

Spring really is the perfect time to take stock, see what areas of your diet and lifestyle could perhaps do with a bit of a shake up, and make the decision to truly nourish and nurture yourself with all that this beautiful season has to offer

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28 2 2018

My Top 5 Gut Health Invaders

Gut health lowdown part 2 - My top 5 gut health invaders!

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14 2 2018

My Top 5 Gut Health Superheroes

If you are one of the many people that suffer from digestive complaints, such as bloating, discomfort, gas, or constipation, or perhaps IBS, fatigue, lethargy, or low energy levels, or all of the above, then check out my top 5 gut health superhero wonderstars!

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15 12 2017

A Women's Writing Workshop - My Experience

From thinking about writing, to occasional writing, to a regular writing practice - an emotional day filled with family, love, inspiration, and truth.

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10 10 2017

Coconut and curried root vegetable soup

A simple, nourishing soup, that's sure to become a winter favourite!

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20 7 2017

Carrageenan - what do you know about this food additive?

Carrageenan is frequently used as a gelling and thickening agent, and is commonly added to many food products, including processed foods, organic foods, 'natural' foods, and is even added to cosmetics and pet food. Harvested from seaweed, we may be lead to believe that this additive is safe and non-harmful, however recent research has shown this to be far from the truth...

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