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10 10 2017

Coconut and curried root vegetable soup

A simple, nourishing soup, that's sure to become a winter favourite!

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20 7 2017

Carrageenan - what do you know about this food additive?

Carrageenan is frequently used as a gelling and thickening agent, and is commonly added to many food products, including processed foods, organic foods, 'natural' foods, and is even added to cosmetics and pet food. Harvested from seaweed, we may be lead to believe that this additive is safe and non-harmful, however recent research has shown this to be far from the truth...

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10 4 2017

Nourish your Heart Chakra

Follow your heart! Nutrition for an imbalance in your Heart Chakra...

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22 2 2017

9-5 Digestion

With our busy lives and hectic work schedules, we often forget about our poor digestive system, and what we’re putting in it throughout the day - meaning it often takes a real hard hit. Add on top of this rushed eating, maybe not chewing food fully, eating on the go, or eating while stressed, and it’s no wonder a lot of us experience symptoms such as bloating, gas, abdominal discomfort, irregular stools, lethargy, and lowered energy levels.

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23 12 2016

Nutrition for Yoga

Over the years it has become increasingly common in the West to practise vigorous and demanding styles of yoga, and even to practise in the heat, with styles such as Bikram taking the yoga world by storm. Even though the benefits of such yoga disciplines are unquestionable, it is still important to look after your body to ensure it is getting everything it needs to stay in tip top condition.

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